Born in Madrid but in love with France for as long as she can remember, Maria de la Orden settled down in Paris in 2012. While following a  French Law and Economics degree at La Sorbonne university, she experienced Fashion PR through several internships before taking an entrepreneurial leap of faith thanks to an inspirational trip to Peru : her ethnical-inspired brand Mau Loa, born in 2013, combines timeless cuts and unique craftsmanships from all over the world with a fairtrade concern and a price equity policy from the local producers to the final customer.

In addition to expanding her brand both in international stores and online through an e-commerce website combined with an influential Instagram account, Maria de la Orden joined the Who’s Next trade show team as sales manager in 2015, where she had the chance to keep her fashion eye open by discovering new brands and designers while sustaining the relationships with the existing clients.

Her triple background as a fashion entrepreneur, trend expert and digital influencer leads Maria de la Orden to be on the constant lookout, whether it is for a new designer or an entrepreunarial project, although she always manages to keep things at her own pace : « It is like an Instagram picture : you actually need to take a moment to decide on the angle, the filter, and to find your own interpretation before posting it. Time is actually NOT of the essence. »

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